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How It Works

When you choose to build your professional web site, you can expect an experience that is straightforward, comprehensive and very professional – just like the web sites we design. In brief, the design procedure is a four stage process:

Publication and Maintenance

affordable web design and search engine optimization


At the beginning of the project, close consultation with the client is necessary to establish what form the web site should take. We will discuss with you the look and feel of the web site design. Together, we will examine website design elements such as color schemes, web site graphics and of course website content. Among other things, we will discuss such things as the nature of your business and the nature of your target market. From the very beginning we will scrutinize your existing online competition and incorporate search engine optimization into the website design process.

Creating the web site:

At, we build websites in HTML by hand, ensuring complete control over the website design code. The result is a completely customized web site design, reflecting your unique online presence. We bring that online presence to life through our design skills and experience. While we create for you an affordable web site design, we never compromise on quality. Professional web design is our standard.


At, we test the site on a number of different platforms in various browsers. We schedule a second consultation with you, at which time we go over any necessary changes before publication. Whether it is a simple change due to updated contact information or a decision to change the overall color scheme of the web design, this is where we make sure that you get the website that you want.

Publication and Maintenance:

The review is complete and your website is live. A good web site periodically updates its content. (This is one of the significant elements measured by search engine algorithms, which affects page rankings). Some sites require very little updating, while others need frequent updates. A search engine friendly design ensures that people will visit your site, while regular maintenance will ensure that they come back. At, we have very reasonable maintenance packages as well as Search Engine Optimization services.

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